Protect Our Kids World Wide                   - Welcome to the Revolution:  Freedom From Porn & Predators
We at Protect Our Kids World Wide believe that Covenant Eyes is the only major solution to the freedom of online pornography.

I need to raise $1,000,000,000.00 USD to purchase the Covenant Eyes Software, Patent and entire company to turn it around and make it free for the whole world to use, plus to maintain the company so that it does not go out of business.

People worry about a "Pandemic Virus wiping out millions" everyday but they forget about the one virus that has taken hold of the human race and is killing us from the inside.  That virus is pornography.  You have heard the saying "sex sells", but no one tells you that by accepting this as the "new norm" we also give up a little of our souls and lose more of our innocence.
 Today we need to start a REVOLUTION, a vaccination of sorts for this virus.  It is pervasive but there is a solution.  It's called COURAGE.  I realize that this sounds obvious but I also know we as a human race like to be lazy and I believe every human being has it in them to be Courageous and on a daily basis.
So I put it out there to you all?  Do you have what it takes to be Courageous and stand up for your personal freedom and your families' freedom?
Today in your home, I dare you to beat the odds, I dare you to stand up and fight for you and your children's brain health.  We all know that predators aren't born they are grown from the "seeds of pornography" and "sex acceptability".
Predators thrive on one thing and one thing alone, the human race's fear to talk about forbidden subjects openly.  Abusers are predators in the making.
That is why I have brought you to Covenant Eyes.  Covenant Eyes is more than just software, it is a great company and a family oriented company that truly desires your safety.  I have made it easier for you to be Courageous by handing you, your first tool in the fight. 
If you are not for the blocking of online pornography, then you are obviously for the freedom of predators.

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We'll help you find the energy and motivation from within to begin protecting your children from online dangers that most people take for granted.
Do you believe that the governing agencies out there are doing the work for you?  Not so!
As parents we must strive to communicate with our children in an open and honest manner when discussing the Web and its inherent dangers.  Despite the discomfort we may feel when discussing sexually taboo areas with our children, kids need to know that they can confide in us without our becoming judgemental.  Predators will use that same fear and shame as coercion.
Watch The Stranger Danger Videos!
Educate yourself with the hard truths
about the internet
Important Message
Hey YOU!
Yeah YOU!
Are you a truly good parent or guardian?
Are you a protector of children?
Would you protect your children from any of the following?
                 Pain                                                       Failure
             Rejection                                           Disappointment
          Bad Friends                                          Bad Influences
       Low Self-worth                                       Low Self Image
           Loneliness                                                Depression
          Poor Health                                          Poor Education
               Hunger                                                      Thirst
Unsanitary Food & Water                        Their Environment
               Bullying                                                     Suicide
                Poverty                                               Homelessness
                Alcohol                                                      Drugs
      Gaming Addiction                                   Online Addiction
     Commercialization                                       Materialism
              Prejudice                                       Unwanted Pregnancy
         Peer Pressures                                  Exploitation by adults
             Self Abuse                                              Verbal Abuse
         Mental Abuse                                        Emotional Abuse
 Spiritual Abuse (cults)                                 Physical Abuse
         Sexual Abuse                                        Sexual Predators
If you failed to protect a child from any of the things listed above, wouldn’t you be considered a poor protector of children, a poor parent or guardian?
So why – oh – why would you allow any child free unrestrained access to online pornography?
By allowing any child free access to the internet, free unmonitored access to the internet, you are in essence saying that you approve of their activities online.
Some people are saying that “to give children unmonitored access to the internet is like giving your permission to your children to have a relationship with a sexual predator”.
Children are always looking for approval in some way or another from their parents or guardians. The good protector takes an active role in their children’s lives.
Are you a good protector?
I realize life can get very busy, and nobody out there ever tells the parents or guardians how to protect your children or any child from the evils of the internet. Nothing is ever perfect out there but if you are truly interested in being a “good parent” or “good protector” check out this website thoroughly.
On this website you will find a “filter software program” called Covenant Eyes that will protect any child of any age from the evils of pornography online 100% of the time. This is way better than those other software programs that can’t make those guarantees (e.g. Cyber Nanny, Cyber Sitter, and Net Nanny).
The Stats on Internet Pornography
I need to raise $1,000,000,000.00 USD to purchase the Covenant Eyes Software, Patent and entire company to turn it around and make it free for the whole world to use, plus to maintain the company so that it does not go out of business.