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The Mark of the Beast is here on earth now!

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The Mark of the Beast is here on earth now!


January 2012

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Have You Seen The Mark Of The Beast?

The Mark of the Beast is here on earth now!

The following is a story that most resembled my beginnings with Pornography. 

Posted on August 19, 2011 by R Pike
I was always a curious kid who wanted to learn and explore.  One day while my friend and I were poking around in my garage, we found a calendar with a topless woman on it.  We quickly sneaked it out of the garage to someplace we could admire it without being caught.  I still remember the excitement that calendar lit up inside me.  From then on, I was on the prowl for anything similar that I could get my hands on.
Those things that I later found came in the form of a Jacques Cousteau book (sad to admit) and then a treasure trove of Playboy magazines in my basement.  At those times, I’m not sure what was more exciting, the pictures or the thrill of doing something wrong and trying not to get caught!
All the guilt eventually caught up with me and I asked my mom about the magazines and if Dad was still an ‘alright’ guy for having them.  Man, was I ever a hypocrite.  After a while, my Dad threw away his stash and guess who scooped up a bunch for his own collection…me of course!
I also remember buying single naked pictures from my friend for a buck a piece.  He would rip them out of his dad’s large collection and sell them to me and my friend.  I remember buying as many as he would sell.  He was very cautious and hesitant and eventually stopped selling them due to getting caught.
My own stash was stored in a few different places over the years.  I never put them under the mattress, that was such an amateur move!  At first, I would hide them under the carpet inside my closet.  It was perfect because I would move stuff over top and no one would know.  I even cleared out half the closet so I could sit in there with my flashlight and look at my pictures. At other times I would hide my magazines in a bunch of auto show literature.
Those were the early days of my pornography addiction.  That first taste lit a desire within me that really took over me for about 20 years.  Why do I relay this story?  Well, a lot of it has to do with remembering this stuff today while I mowed the lawn.  The other reason is that I want to show you where I have been and to let you know that you are not much different than me.  Another thing – Do all you can to keep your kids away from pornography!  They eventually will come in contact with it, but make it much later in life after they learn about what real love is and how to treat a woman.

Please share your story with us… How did you get exposed to pornography?  What did that do to you?

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