Protect Our Kids World Wide               -  Against Internet Pornograpy, Predators and Cyber Bullying
Products or Donations

All profits, proceeds and donations from this site are being used to keep this site up and running, advertising of this website and for the larger problem, the cause of abuse to our kids: 


Covenant Eyes Accountability and Filtering Software

Covenant Eyes Accountability Software ---------- $ 8.99 USD
(including first username)

Covenant Eyes Filter Software ---------------------- $ 5.99 USD
(blocks 100% of porn)

Covenant Eyes Accountability/Filter Combo --- $ 10.49 USD 

Covenant Eyes Extra Username --------------------- $ 1.50 USD


$1.00    Monthly Recurring Donation
   We are suggesting the $1.00 Monthly Recurring Donation because it will seem like a banking fee each month and won't hurt as much as a larger donation does.

We are sorry!  This is not a registered charity, so we are unable to issue a
receipt for tax purposes.  You will still receive a receipt through PayPal but in
no way should the PayPal receipt be used for your tax purposes as a donation. 
Hopefully in the not to distant future we will be able to get registered as a charity.
May your wishes and hopes come true!