Protect Our Kids World Wide               -  Against Internet Pornograpy, Predators and Cyber Bullying
About Us
     Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance.  We are committed to meeting those needs.  We are but one small company with three employees.  Me, myself and I.  If you like what you see and want to support our future, please sign up through one of our banners on our Home page.  
     Join us in this journey to provide the world with a better understanding of the dangers of the internet and the ultimate protection against those dangers.
     We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to deliver you the best service possible.
     We are in no way affiliated to Covenant Eyes except as an advertiser of a product/service.  We are spreading the word about this program and its benefits.  Covenant Eyes and our company both agree that "Internet Pornography" is the Devil's Playground and He wants your kids!  With this in mind, we have formed an alliance to get the word out, about how to protect your kids.
     The program takes no more than 3 hours to setup and afterwards there is no maintenance providing everything was setup correctly the first time.  We suggest you call the Covenant Eyes people after your setup, just to confirm everything you did was correct.  We've been a customer for two years now and are very happy.
    Now, a little about the software itself: 
     Covenant Eyes is the standard for Internet integrity with accountability through monitoring.  The software program is designed to hold people accountable when using the Internet.  Safeguard your internet world from the dangers, risks, and liabilities of Internet pornography.
Covenant Eyes is easy to use
     Once installed, Covenant Eyes monitors websites your computer visits. Whenever Internet access is attempted, you will be asked to log in (or you can configure it to log in automatically).  Once logged in, your Internet activity will be monitored by our servers and periodically emailed in a report to the Accountability Partner(s) you choose in the signup procedure.

  The information is scored specifically for pornography and presented in an easy-to-read Accountability Report, but the entire history of the websites visited is recorded and available.  
     Internet access is never blocked unless your computer is not correctly logged into the Covenant Eyes system.  This is a Safety feature—this means that you can block others from accessing the Internet on your computer when you are logged out.
Covenant Eyes is Effective
     Covenant Eyes benefits anyone, of any age, in any life circumstance.  It is great for families, parents, teenagers, college students, pastors, church staff, businesses, counselors, psychologists, and anyone wanting to guard against the temptations of the Internet.

  Covenant Eyes is a valuable tool that promotes individual accountability and integrity when using the Internet.  Covenant Eyes is the most effective preventative tool, because as we know, Internet addictions are easier to prevent than they are to overcome. 
     However, accountability is a major key to successful recovery for those who have an existing struggle. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, a list of sites visited is sent to one or two Accountability Partners, selected by you when you sign up for the Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability program. This list is sent by e-mail. 
     Covenant Eyes Accountability software can also be combined with Covenant Eyes Filter software to provide the ultimate in protection and accountability on the Internet.  The Covenant Eyes Filtering software has a ZERO PERCENT failure rate in blocking out all pornography sites because Covenant Eyes blocks all websites and maintains "a list of exception sites" that are safe to surf.

  This is opposite to the competition's software, as their focus is on maintaining "a list of objectionable sites" by trying to keep up with the 1000+ newly created porn sites daily.
Covenant Eyes is Affordable
     All of the benefits of Covenant Eyes are available for pennies a day. Group discounts are available.

Covenant Eyes Accountability Software ---------- $ 8.99 USD
(including first username)

Covenant Eyes Filter Software ---------------------- $ 5.99 USD
(blocks 100% of porn)

Covenant Eyes Accountability/Filter Combo --- $ 10.49 USD 

Covenant Eyes Extra Username --------------------- $ 1.50 USD

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